The survival and success of any business depends on the ability to sell a product or service, and therefore, the most valuable people in the company are the sales managers and sales team. Highly skilled sales teams and managers have a greater impact on revenue and volume than any other single investment or activity. This is why we have a range of highly effective, proven and fully supported training programs that focus on increasing sales knowledge and assets in the sales field.

With poor time management and prioritization many business owners and their teams flounder. This is why we have, among many other training packages the world renowned Eat That Frog! Double Productivity – Training
Time Management is really management of your life. It’s the ability to determine a sequence of events – what you do first, second, and what you don’t do at all. Eat That Frog is the most popular time management system of all time – available in 27 languages.

  • Decide exactly what you want
  • Set priorities in each area of your life
  • Determine your most important goals
  • Unlock your mental powers
  • Downsize, delegate or eliminate non-essential work
  • Focus on your most valuable tasks
  • Double your productivity and double your free time
  • Eliminate low-value, no-value activities

Developing leadership skills and knowledge is paramount to building an effective team that can and will help the business grow. To this end we have a number of leadership programs that focus on Strategic & High Performance Leadership – Training

The best companies have the best people, and top people are those who think and act faster and better than others. High Performance Leadership gives you the ideas, methods, strategies and techniques used by all highly effective executives, profitable businesses and world-class teams.

  • Seven Secrets of Managerial Success
  • How Excellent Leaders Lead
  • The Formula for Strategic Planning
  • Becoming a Master of Change
  • Motivating People for Maximum Results
  • Creating a Great Place to Work
  • Communicate With Power
  • Delegation — The Key to Leverage
  • Inspecting What You Expect
  • Coping With Difficult People
  • The Manager, Coach and Confidant

Now we have the time and priorities right and the leadership skills to lead a team its time to build a team and we have an array of internationally recognized and respected training programs in this realm.